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The bank building the fossil free future.

Spark is the bank building the fossil free future. We help you minimize your consumption so that you buy less and save more. The money you save you can lend to renewable energy projects around the world. 

Together we're building the fossil free future. 


Welcome to Spark.

Spark is a digital bank giving you the ability to lend money you don't need right now to renewable energy projects around the world. Money you need you can spend as usual using our prepaid card. We're the green alternative to your old bank - you earn a high interest on your savings while having a positive impact on the environment at the same time.

What is Spark?

How does the Spark card work?

Our card analyzes your spending habits and gives you advice on how to minimize your consumption. You can also set up personal goals (drive less, buy fewer take-away coffees, compensate your next flight) that we can follow up on and help you achieve when you use the Spark card.

How are we different from other banks?

Rather than hoping that our customers spend and borrow as much as possible (how banks make money today) we want to help our customers establish healthy and sustainable spending and saving habits while at the same time making it possible to build a better and greener future.

Is there any money in this for me?

Yes, there is. For the fossil free future to become a reality, renewable energy must generate returns also without government incentives and subsidies. This has already taken place, but to reach the fossil free future as quickly as possible a lot of capital is needed. That's why we're building a bank that makes it easy to make money from lending your money to renewable energy projects around the world.

Try the card

We're building a beta and are looking for a small group of people who want to try the card and give us ideas on how we can get better. We'll also keep you up to date on new job and investment opportunities.


We want to put your money to good use - for the future and for you.

We love to talk about the fossil free future and if you find yourself in Stockholm or London (where we're currently located), be sure to let us know. The coffee's on us in exchange for any good ideas on how we can get there as quickly as possible.